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BF HAIR is only professional suppliers of Brazilian virgin hair in China. Our company mainly operate various grade virgin Brazilian hair and closure. 

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Our team

Our dream is to own a company that gives women the best hair & quality that can not be found any where else. Diamond grade hair is becoming harder and harder to find, remember we cut all the hair from women and just to make bundles from 14 inch to 24 inch takes a woman 3-8 years to grow that length. We pay our hair donors well and when you compare it to a cheaper hair company it is because they are probably sourcing it unethically and cutting it from children. We only buy hair that is never had a chemical process to ensure it is raw virgin hair and after it is cut it has organic natural sanitisation, more deep conditioning treatments, then it is hand made into a bundle and then more work like closure, styling etc. We will never ever choose to make more money over quality because I appreciate our customers. There are so many hair companies in this world that sell the same old thing which is why we want to stay unique and true to our brand by providing a one off product. Our company is not just about hair, it is a company that employs young people giving them a great career, a company supports our hair donors to allow them to support their families and have a bright future. When you buy hair from us you are supporting all of these amazing this that give positivity to this harsh world. 

Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian hair produced in southeast Brazil, its softness, durability, thickness. It's good performance make customers love it so much. Brazilian hair’s luster is low to medium and it is extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and natural shine. It blends very well with African-American relaxed hair textures, It can hold curls for very long time. We promise that only sell 100% top quality Brazilian hair.